Treehouse Sleep


The aim with this bedside table was to make a feature out of clutter and possessions.

Power leads, connecting wires, iPods, wallets, mobile phones, headphones – must all look in place when positioned on it. The product design must actually (in a way) try to look odd without these items on it!

There must be no cable management or specially designed containers to achieve this.

It was thought this could be done by connecting the product design with a source of inspiration – a treehouse.

A treehouse might have a rope ladder to access it or other ropes about its structure, therefore a treehouse inspired bedside table might incorporate cables or wires well (ropes), and also importantly, might allow for any mess created by possessions to look deliberate.



A treehouse is essentially a den and den imagery should surely blend well with a product intended to perform as a hub for possessions. This table is trying to make your clutter look in place as a result of its deliberately chosen shape.


All timber prepared by hand



Jelutong and Cherry wood


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