Secured Bedside


This table design has identified that a bedside is commonly a place where possessions are positioned over night. Bedside security should therefore be a primary concern.

This design hopes to be a playful solution to bedside security by the ‘joining’ of the table to the bed. The table (and its contents) cannot be removed without the difficult task of taking the bed as well!…? Sleep feeling secure.

This design is hoping to achieve a physical bond to a bed and an emotional bond to any observer or user. The table of course can be separated from the bed with ease – the join is magnetic. The possessions positioned on it are in fact not any more secure. Nevertheless, the grey dyed cotton rope join endeavours to give an amusing impression of security.


There are styling elements which are hoping to add to the impression of security. The semi-circular edged drawer, for example, is trying to mirror the often circular design of vault entrances.


Solid oak column


Maple legs with oak veneer on two faces


Jelutong top with oak veneer