Household Cavalry (two)


Two Household Cavalry prototypes have been made. This is the second prototype, produced with a focus on the styling and the performance of a rotation mechanism.

The aim here is to design a chair in such a way that a set of identical versions complete a product picture.

It was thought this could be done by connecting the product design with a source of inspiration – a cavalry.

A cavalry in formation is a complete picture – not a single cavalryman. The chair is therefore designed as a member of a cavalry – a household cavalry.


To try to mirror a cavalry rider, the styling of model two is a deliberate attempt at a horse with a rider. The design consists of the hind legs of a horse which in turn transform into the legs of a rider at the top of the seat. The legs of the rider then meet stirrups. The back half of the horse is designed to reflect a horse caparison covering. The front half of the horse is shaped to represent muscle structure and is positioned between the riders legs. This front half also houses the rotation mechanism.

The rotate mechanism would try to mirror (in a way) a horse rearing on its hind legs. The starting position of the chair would be the horse rearing on its hind legs. The sitter sits on the chair forcing the rotate mechanism down so the horse is on all four legs. When the sitter gets up the chair would return to its starting position.

With model two, instead of the whole horse rotating, only the front half would rotate. The hind legs would remain still but hopefully the impression of a horse rearing would be achieved.




The designed mechanism incorporated torsion springs in an aluminium housing. Unfortunately the weight of the styling board used to make the front half was too great to see if this torsion spring arrangement would perform in the desired way.