Household Cavalry (one)


Two Household Cavalry prototypes have been made. This is the first prototype / mock up which was produced to get an impression of the concept.

The aim here is to design a chair in such a way that a set of identical versions complete a product picture.

It was thought this could be done by connecting the product design with a source of inspiration – a cavalry.

A cavalry in formation is a complete picture – not a single cavalryman. The chair is therefore designed as a member of a cavalry – a household cavalry.


This mock up, made from Jelutong, was designed with some cavalry features in mind. The model two prototype would look at styling in more detail however. This prototype was built to see if a product feature of movement could perhaps be incorporated. This feature would be a rotate mechanism which would hopefully mirror (in a way) a horse rearing on its hind legs. The starting position of the chair is the horse rearing on its hind legs. The sitter sits on the chair forcing the rotate mechanism down so the horse is on all four legs. When the sitter gets up the chair would return to its starting position. This mock up demonstrates the look of the starting position. The mechanism would be examined in detail with model two.