Edward Slater’s Shed Test

Here displayed are product designs prototyped in Edward Slater’s Shed Test from 2013.

Edward Slater has worked as Production Manager at Tangent Design and Invention Ltd since 2014.

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Shed Test

E.A.J.SLATER Homewares prototypes positioned outside the shed where they are made


  1. lloyd

    An excellent video, truly at one with your craft. (love the dog logo!)

    • admin (Author)

      Many, many thanks Lloyd and thank you for watching the video!

  2. lloyd

    Just stopped by again to re watch your video. Glad i did, excellent painting, the guy in the background with the white hat is awesome.

  3. Mark Carroll

    An ex-Hamptonian to be proud of. An Arkwrght Scholar at 16 and winner of the Sir Henry Royce award at age17 (of Rolls-Royce pedigree; Arkwright’s flagship award for excellence). The passion and talent shines through – a truly gifted Product Designer. I love your work Ed! I always have. Congratulations on this outstanding collection.

    What levels can you reach with the right backing – unlimited potential!

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